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Seagate - The Cloud

The concept for this project was simple, what if the cloud were a real place? What would it look like to see islands of cities, farms, desserts, manufacturing; a diverse selection of civilization all streaming data, connected to the cloud? 


Tech companies have had a difficult time explaining that essentially, the cloud is "just a bunch of hard drives".  Which is what Seagate asked us to bring to life.


This project was incredibly rewarding to create. Getting to work with the uber-talented group of Bernardo Marentes directing, concept design by David Stanfield and the incredible score by Cubby. 


Please enjoy, The Cloud.

Client: Seagate

3D animation: Peter Godshall

Director: Bernardo Marentes, Caravan

2d Design: David Stanfield, igor + valentine

Score producer: Cubby

Winner of 8 Addy Awards

Including Best of Video

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